Types of Workplace Signs for Safety


Workplace signs can convey a lot of important information as well as instructions and warning to ensure safety of the work environment. You need to identify potential hazards in the workplace so that a sign can be created to warn or remind the occupants of this. This will allow them to take the relevant safety precautions.

There are many actions you can enforce with workplace signs.

There are prohibition signs that can let occupants in the building know which actions are prohibited within the space. These come with a red circle and a diagonal line crossing the image or symbol indicating the prohibited action. This can be a no smoking or no unauthorised personnel sign. This lets the occupants know what behaviour is expected in the workplace. And this will help them prevent engaging in an activity that can pose a risk to their safety. Warning signs are common safety signs you will come across in the workplace. These are used to alert the people nearby of a potential hazard in this area. This has a triangular shape in yellow. The image inside will be depicted in black which will represent the hazard specific to the location. For example, there are warning signs to inform people of high voltage. And if you are walking near a construction site, you will see warning signs that indicate passers-by to exercise caution as there can be falling objects. You can prevent so many accidents by having these signs located in strategic locations. This causes the person seeing the sign to be more aware of the surroundings.      

If there are certain safety regulations or procedures that people should comply with,

There are mandatory signs that will provide information regarding this. The colour used for this sign is blue and it is a circle that has an image inside indicating the required action. Some examples are mandatory signs informing people to wear personal protective equipment when entering an unsafe area or to wash hands before they leave a certain location. This will remind people to follow the relevant security protocols to ensure they are compliant with safety regulations for that specific work environment.  Then there are emergency signs that can guide anybody through the building to safety. These signs are used to help people evacuate in the event of an emergency. These signs are green and the signage will be printed in white. Some examples are emergency exit and fire extinguishers. You will notice that emergency exit signs are illuminated so that they can be easily seen in an emergency letting people reach safety quickly.

There are also fire safety signs that indicate where fire fighting equipment is located in the building.

These will also show where the fire exit is along with where the fire is located so that you can alert the entire building. You can make sure that quick action is taken in a fire emergency when such signage is present. If there are any hazards in the workplace, you will see hazard signs that come with a yellow background and black text or symbols. Common hazard signs are biohazard and flammable material. 

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